What is Community Cloud?

What is Community Cloud?

What is Community Cloud?

Community Cloud is a Cloud Infrastructure that allows systems and services to be attainable by groups of several organizations to share information. It is owned, maintained, and performed by one or more organizations in the community, a third party, or a combination of them.

Community cloud computing refers to a shared cloud computing service atmosphere that is targeted to a limited set of organizations or employees (e.g. banks or heads of trading firms). The organizing strategy for the community will vary, but the members of the community generally share similar security, privacy, performance, and compliance requirements. Community members may wish to invoke a mechanism that is often run by themselves (not just the provider) to review those seeking entry into the community.


Advantages of Community Cloud

  • Cost-effective

The Community Cloud is cost-effective because the entire cloud is shared within several organizations or an association.

  • Flexible and Scalable

The community cloud is flexible and scalable because it’s compatible with every user. It gives a permit to the users to change the documents as per their demands and requirement.

  • Security

The community cloud is more protected than the public cloud but less secure than the private cloud.

  • Sharing infrastructure

Community Cloud gives access to you to share cloud resources, infrastructure, and other capacities are amongst various organizations.


Community Cloud Architecture

Community Clouds can be classified as a Distributed Architecture, where each unit is formed by incorporating the other services from similar or different clouds under the same domain, to fulfill the precise requirements provided by the clients, their communities, and related segments of the client.

These are the components involved in implementing a community cloud for any organization,

  • Infrastructure
  • Development Platform
  • Application Services
  • Public/ Private/ Third –Party Clouds

The infrastructure here is a common entity that is frequently used by the organizations in the cloud, to provide necessary sustenance for the smooth functioning of the cloud system. The Development Platform help in handling the non –standard properties of the community cloud. Application services are middleware services based on out-of-the-production systems which designed and function with particular application’s motives.

Once the fully-functional working product is generated from the development platform, which is delivered to the individual cloud units. The type of cloud may diversify in accordance with there needs of the organization. Private Clouds are accessed only by the internal organization, Public Clouds can be accessed by anyone with their login credential for the cloud, and third-party clouds are created & maintained by third parties while being accessed by the client’s users.

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