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QuickInfra Features

QuickInfra Features
  • Infrastructure Creation for multiple Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI).
  • Ready to use Infrastructure Templates.
  • Ready to use DevOps Templates.
  • Create, Modify & Delete Infrastructure any number of times.
  • Migrate Infrastructure created using QuickInfra from one Cloud Platform to another.
  • Data Migration Solutions for similar as well as hybrid databases.
  • Backup and Restore Solutions
  • Advance Dashboard
  • Built-in Security¬†
  • Tenant isolation
  • Flexible pricing model

QuickInfra Benefits

QuickInfra Benefits

Technical Features of QuickInfra

Data Concurrency

Handles simultaneous, concurrent data updates in a multi-user scenario.


Handles several web application vulnerabilities and security issues like SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting attacks, Session Hijacking, Man in the middle attacks, etc.

Data Encryption

End to end encryption of sensitive data using highly secure algorithms


Support for several languages including Right to Left languages like Arabic

Customizable UI

Skins and white-labelling supported


Internal chat messaging / broadcasting of important system messages to all users

In-Memory Caching

In-Memory caching of frequently used data for super-fast performance

What Our Clients Have to Say

We saved 30% on our AWS cloud infrastructure costs. Any startup on AWS should be using QuickInfra. Otherwise, how are you staying on top of your infrastructure?"

SalesGarners Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

QuickInfra made it easy for us to extend our web application infrastructure into the cloud.

Frank n Raf Market Research LLP

We love being part of the QuickInfra family! We encourage all startups to switch to QuickInfra Cloud for a hassle-free Infrastructure management experience.

Maven Biztech

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